How to speed up K1 filings using Cash Flow Portal

How to speed up K1 filings using Cash Flow Portal

As K1s filings season is at its peak, we decided to share this short guide with you to help you make this process faster and more efficient. With Cash Flow Portal, you can save 75% of the time you usually spend on K1s filings. One of our software’s best features is document management, which gives you the ability to share Schedule K1s. 

So here is the step-by-step guide on how to use Cash Flow Portal for K1 filings. If you haven’t signed up yet, now you can try our syndication software completely free without a paywall or commitment.

Step 1: Log in to Cash Flow Portal, click on “Documents,” then select your deal.  

Step 2: Create a new section called “2020 K1 Tax Documents” or name it differently if you wish:

File K1s with Cash Flow Portal

Step 3: To upload your documents to the newly created section, click on the “+” sign next to the section name. Make sure that you name your K1 files correctly using the first and the last name of the investors. It is an essential step because our system recognizes the file names and assigns them automatically to respective persons. 

If you haven’t added investors yet, you can go to your deal and add them here:

How to add investors to Cash Flow Portal

Step 4: You can choose to upload documents one by one. Double-check that they are assigned to the right person and click “Confirm”: 

K1s - Upload one document

Or you can mass-upload your K1s and then click on “Confirm all”. The system will automatically recognize file names and auto-assign them to all your investors: 

K1s - Mass asign K1s

Congratulations! You’ve just completed assigning your K1s!

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