Multifamily real estate asset management case study: water bills

  • By Edward Sittler
  • 08/04/21
  • Asset Management

5 Things you need to know about making an offer for your multifamily real estate deal

  • By Alexandra Kazakova
  • 07/24/21
  • Guides

This article will talk about the last and probably the most crucial step of the multifamily acquisition process - making...

Demo: how to passively invest in a multifamily real estate deal using our investor portal

  • By Alexandra Kazakova
  • 07/19/21
  • Demo

Cash Flow Portal makes it easy to see all the offerings and invest in multifamily real estate deals using one...

New feature. Real estate syndicator bio page

  • By Alexandra Kazakova
  • 07/15/21
  • Demo

With Cash Flow Portal, you can create an impressive real estate syndicator bio page that will make you stand out...

How to start syndicating a multifamily real estate deal in 10 easy steps

  • By Alexandra Kazakova
  • 07/12/21
  • Guides

Multifamily real estate properties are in high demand. It may be tempting to rush and acquire the first property you...

Podcast: What value can an investor portal bring to YOUR business?

  • By Alexandra Kazakova
  • 06/28/21
  • Podcasts

  Episode 20 of the Crushing Cashflow Podcast kicks off with Perry Zheng, where we talk about how leveraging an...

Why Software Engineers Should Consider Investing in Real Estate

  • By Perry Zheng
  • 06/25/21
  • Guides

You cut your teeth as an engineer, developing everything from simple applications to complex distributed systems used by millions of...

How to build your real estate syndication team

  • By Alexandra Kazakova
  • 06/17/21
  • Guides

Getting started with real estate syndication is a relatively straightforward 5 step process. If you follow it diligently, you will...

9 YouTube channels for real estate syndicators to watch in 2021

  • By Alexandra Kazakova
  • 06/11/21
  • Top Lists

Let's start with the first-hand perspective. Real estate investing is not for everyone, but it can be a great way...

Apartment Investor Pro updates website plans and pricing for multifamily investors and syndicators

  • By Alexandra Kazakova
  • 06/04/21
  • Partnerships

Adds website building packages for mobile home park syndication, self-storage syndication, and owner-operators PENNSYLVANIA, USA, May 25, 2021 -- Apartment...