8 Facebook groups for real-estate syndicators 2021 that we recommend

8 Facebook groups for real-estate syndicators 2021 that we recommend

Have you ever wondered why some real-estate syndicators find so many deals and investors and others don’t? The answer lies mainly in networking. When you first start out, you have very little to no contacts or people who will help you grow your business. Networking allows us to find deals, mentors, investors, and lending partners. As a result, we can scale our business faster.

This post will review the top eight private and public Facebook groups for real-estate syndicators in no particular order. Feel free to write us and add more to the list to help others find the most suitable group for their needs. We are reviewing groups where we are active members. We could miss some great groups, so your suggestions are welcome!

Why join Facebook groups for real-estate syndicators?

In the age of social media, there are plenty of forums and various platforms for real-estate syndicators. They are great places for getting advice, asking questions, and connecting to people that matter. Yet, not all these platforms are made equal.

Most of the real-estate forums have heavy moderation. So sometimes harmless posts can be removed at the forum admin’s discretion. LinkedIn seems oversaturated with business coaches, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. It seems everyone is trying to sell their service or product on this network (and for a good reason). As a result, real-estate syndicators need alternative forums to find like-minded individuals, seek advice, guidance, find deals, investors, and, at times, promote their business.

One of the best platforms for real-estate syndicators is Facebook. To be more specific, private Facebook groups. Most are of these groups private and need an invite or approval from admins. Once accepted, a syndicator can feel at home, surrounded by a friendly crowd of sponsors, brokers, insurers, lenders, and investors. Facebook groups for real-estate syndicators and investors usually have strong engagement. As a result, they offer an excellent opportunity to get your message out there and reach many individuals at once. Now, without further ado, let’s get to our list!

#1 Wall Street Multifamily

Wall St Multifamily Group

The Wall Street Multifamily Group was founded by two ex-Wall Street professionals Jeff Yang and Ryan Christopher Nunes. The group is relatively new. Jeff and Ryan created it in December 2020, but it already grew its audience to almost 600 members. It’s an invite-only group, so you would need to know someone who is already a member to join.

In a niche-targeted group like this, members focus only on the relevant real-estate investment information. As a result, you get the best possible resources that are hard to find in mass media. The members talk about best practices, tips, share valuable insights and market updates. Real-estate experts discuss topics that few people outside the industry know about. For example, you can learn how to mitigate risks in multifamily deals using bridge financing. In the weekly feed, you get the latest forecasts by market in various states and much more.

#2 The Magic of Multifamily 

The magic of multifamily group

The Magic of Multifamily is a dedicated group for real-estate syndicators. It was founded by the Multifamily University, the educational arm of Grocapitus Investments. Neil Bawa, the admin of this group, is an entrepreneur and one of the most in-demand speakers. He runs his $345+ million-dollar multifamily portfolio by using a data-driven approach. His mantra Data beats gut feel by a million miles helps generate steady profits for over 400 investors.

The group is 2+ years old and now has 13K+ members and counting. The members are real estate syndicators, and investors spread out across the USA. They share their experiences about investing in multifamily real-estate syndication. Admins and members organize live Meetups, investor networking sessions and allow other members to participate in syndicated deals.

One of the key benefits of joining this Facebook group for real-estate syndicators is that they get free membership to the Multifamily University. This online platform has a variety of informative webinars, online courses, and podcasts. We strongly recommend this group as one of the networking tools to find investors, real-estate brokers, underwriters, lenders, and much more. It’s a public group so that anyone can join.

#3 10X Multifamily Investment group for real-estate syndicators

10X Multifamily Investment Group for real-estate syndicators

One of the recognized experts in multifamily investing, Kay Kay Singh runs 10X Multifamily Investment Group for real-estate syndicators and investors. Kay Kay came from India in 2000 as a Microsoft Certified System Engineer to pursue the American Dream. He lost his job in 2001. Kay Kay then had no choice but to accept an offer from his friend to work at a gas station.

He started as a cashier and then built up his portfolio of 15 gas stations. Later, Kay Kay was approached to buy a 33 unit portfolio of single-unit family homes. Now, this successful investor owns 40 single-family homes, 8 gas stations, a couple of laundromats, an Event Center, and 3300 doors as an LP and GP.

If you are an early real-estate syndicator, you will get a ton of value from Kay Kay’s expertise. You can learn a big deal about starting your syndication from scratch and successfully scale the business. Kay Kay founded this group in April 2019, and at the time of this writing, it features almost 6K active members.

It’s a private group, so you will need to answer a few questions to join, but it is worth the effort. Once in, you will network with other experienced multifamily investors to learn, raise money, and close deals.

10X Multifamily Investment Group features industry professionals like Ted Lanzaro from Lanzaro CPA, Kyle Mitchell from APT Capital Group, and many other domain experts.

#4 The Real Estate Investors Group 

The real estate investors group for real-estate syndicators

The Real Estate Investors Group is one of the oldest Facebook groups for real estate investors. Jason Lucchesi founded it in 2009 and now has 11K+ members. It is a public group so that anyone can join. Jason has 18+ years of experience in the real estate industry.

He started as a Loan Officer for Illinois brokerage. Then Jason worked in the Management team at Countrywide Home Loans. In 2008 he established his own company that helps real estate investors get better results. Jason created a step-by-step system for investors to achieve their goals.

This group is a community for helping others. Jason and group members share valuable resources on various topics. For example, how to approach banks for short sales, qualify for government funds, buy real estate with no money, and much more.

We strongly recommend this group to early real-estate syndicators and anyone who wants to start investing in real estate and doesn’t know where to start.

#5 Texas Multifamily Investor Network 

Texas MultiFamily Investor network group for real-estate syndicators

Texas MultiFamily Investor Network is a private group with quite a strict selection process. But if you are interested in multifamily apartment opportunities and investing in Texas, it is worth joining.

John Monteiro Real Estate Investments founded this group in 2018, and now it has almost 7K active members. Among them, you will find real-estate syndicators, passive investors, brokers, agents, property managers, and deal sponsors.

The Texas Multifamily Group is a collection of experienced professionals who can help other syndicators succeed in the Texas market.

The group’s founder, John Monteiro, is a CRE/ Multifamily syndicator, developer, and investor. John has an impressive portfolio of 4K+ multifamily units, almost $400M assets under management with 750+ units in the deal pipeline.

Group discussions focus on topics relevant to the Texas multifamily market. For example, the hot topic about how the freeze damage will affect apartment occupancy and detailed Texas real estate market updates. Group admins and members also share information on meetups, webinars, and other networking and educational events.

#6 Asset Management Mastery

Asset Management Mastery group for real-estate syndicators

In addition to their podcast that we covered in another post, APT Capital Group also runs Asset Management Mastery Facebook group. The group was founded in May 2020 and now is 2K+ members strong.

It is a private members-only group, so prepare to answer some questions to be approved to join. Gary Lipsky, Kyle Mitchell, and Lalita Mitchell run the group. All three are expert multifamily real-estate investors. Gary, for example, has been a real estate investor for more than 18 years and has invested in 2K+ units with $40M+.

The group features free Q&As with experts like Jerome Maldonado. You will get an opportunity to join monthly multifamily meetups with experienced passive investors like Jeff Shafer. You will learn from insightful apartment case studies with Dustin Miles and Hayden Harrington.

There are plenty of educational posts, videos, networking opportunities, and conference announcements. We can’t recommend this group enough to real-estate syndicators who want to learn from the industry experts and expand their network

#7 Multifamily Investor Nation 

Multifamily investor nation Facebook group for real estate syndicators

Multifamily Investor Nation‘s founders and admins are running passiveinvesting.com and multifamilyinvestornation.com. The latter is dedicated to sharing knowledge, educating newbies and experienced investors on best industry practices. They share actionable expert insights that real-estate syndicators can apply directly to the multifamily business.

Brandon is an experienced insurance adjuster and has been investing in real estate for 10+ years. Dan started multiple seven-figure companies from scratch with current annual budgets of $10MM+.

Multifamily Investor Nation group has almost 8K members and was created in September 2018. This group is private, so you will need the admin’s approval to join.

We love the Self-promo Mondays that allow members to promote their business in this Facebook group for real-estate syndicators. Self-promo Mondays can be used to find deals, raise capital, find investors, lending partners, and much more. Not many groups allow self-promotion, so this is a huge differentiating factor for Multifamily Investor Nation.

Dan and the team share a lot of excellent educational material for syndicators and investors. For example, one-on-one live interviews with experts like Norm Praet of Brownlee Whitlow & Praet, PLLC. You will get an opportunity to listen to podcasts on how real estate investors can scale up to large deals. Group admins also host informative webinars, for example, on acquiring first multifamily assets without using one’s own money.

#8 Group for Early Real-Estate Syndicators by Cash Flow Portal 

Top Facebook groups for real-estate syndicators 2021

We initially created this group to help our software users navigate through the features and tools. However, now we want to make it a place where early syndicators can discuss best practices, tips, and suggestions. So we can find efficient ways to scale as early real estate syndicators.

Our goal is to turn our software into a networking tool, an analog of LinkedIn for syndicators to help them find investors and raise capital consistently. Consequently, our group will serve as a discussion forum to share tips for getting the maximum out of our tools and answering your questions. 

Join us now. Let’s connect and help each other scale-up together! 


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