Case study | How Cash Flow Portal helps Eric Kogan streamline investor communication

Case study | How Cash Flow Portal helps Eric Kogan streamline investor communication

In this case study, Eric Kogan from Ashland Capital talks about his experience using our real estate syndication software.

About Eric: Eric is the director of acquisitions at Ashland Capital. He is involved in deal and capital sourcing and analytics of potential investment opportunities. Eric has over $100mm of transactional real estate experience. Before joining Ashland Capital, he worked in various financial, marketing, and sales roles at Ruttenberg Gordon Investments, RSM US LLP, Innerworkings, Kelliher Samets Volk, and Locale Outdoor. 

About Ashland Capital: Ashland Capital is a boutique, real estate private equity firm focused on multifamily, student housing, and distressed debt investment opportunities.

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Case Study: 


The syndication business is becoming more competitive by the day. As a result, as Ashland Capital’s operation and AUM scaled up, the firm needed a tool to streamline investor management, a portal/dashboard to stay relevant and keep up with investor demands.


Eric hasn’t tried other real-estate syndication management software yet. However, the firm shopped around for alternative solutions like Appfolio, Juniper Square, Groundbreaker, etc. 

Cash Flow Portal is a new product that is not used widely, so Eric was hesitant to start using it initially. 

The main reason for choosing Cash Flow Portal was the price point. 


Thanks to Cash Flow Portal, Eric could easily streamline investor communication through the “documents” function. “I can upload a document one time and share with my entire investor list.”, says Eric. 

Our real-estate syndication software allows Eric to be more efficient with his time.

Eric’s advice to others considering Cash Flow Portal:

“Perry and his team are flexible and willing to work with their syndication clients. They are eager to build a better and more cost-effective product.”

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