How to add your first multifamily deal to Cash Flow Portal. Quick guide

How to add your first deal to Cash Flow Portal. Quick Guide

Here is a quick guide on how to add your first multifamily deal to Cash Flow Portal:

Now you can try our syndication software completely free and without any commitment till you close your first deal.

Step 1. Click “Add Deal” Once you login to the Portal

Step 2. Select deal stage. You can choose between asset managing, raising capital, and liquidated. For the sake of the demo, I am selecting the “Asset managing” stage.

Step 3. Give your deal a name. Try to be as accurate as possible because your investors will later have access to your deal information as well. I am using XYZ deal as a name just to show you an example.

Step 4. Add close date. The date when you closed this deal

Step 5. Add assets to your deal. Name your property and add the address.  It is pretty straightforward and intuitive.

Step 5. Select property type and type in the property class. Deal classes can be added in a different window.

Step 6. Enter the number of units and acquisition price. Add the year built. Click next

Step 7. Now you can add the owner of the asset

Step 8. Now that you have added your deal, you can enter more details of the assets, add images of the property, estimated disposition date, acquisition date, and net asset value date. You can also add the year when the property was renovated.

Step 9. Upload documents like K1s, PPMs, and others related to your deal by simply dragging the files here. You can then organize your documents into sections or folders to easily find them later. Just drag your document to the relevant section.

Once you added your deal you can start raising equity and inviting passive investors to the portal!

We hope you found this quick guide helpful, and thank you for choosing Cash Flow Portal!



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