8 best real estate investing podcasts in 2021

7 best real estate investing podcasts in 2021

In 2019, Edison Research explained the popularity of podcasts because they allow for multitasking and, as a result, help listeners save time. Most of us have busy schedules with work taking up to 10 hours a day. With 14 hours left in a day, we still need to run some errands, cook, do sports, and take care of our personal and professional development. Real estate investing podcasts give it all at once. Here, at Cash Flow Portal, we know that most deal sponsors and passive investors have full-time jobs in addition to running their syndication business or looking for deals to invest in, so listening to podcasts sometimes is the only way to educate ourselves and learn how to get better at real estate syndication. In this article, we will share with you our selection of the 7 best real estate investing podcasts in no particular order. 

#1 Old Capital podcast. 


What is Old Capital?

Old Capital is a commercial real estate lender. Since 1998, their team has funded many transactions through life companies, agencies, “out of the box” commercial lenders, and conduits. They do more than just sourcing funds. Old Capital’s experts also consult with their clients and provide top-notch advisory services for commercial real estate investors. 

Why we love this podcast:

Old Capital podcast was created by some of the leading experts in commercial real estate. Thus, it is an excellent resource of knowledge and best practices for syndicators. Moreover, it is suitable for both new and experienced syndicators and delivers exceptional education and expert opinions. 

The podcast hosts Michael Becker and Paul Peebles are both experienced in all aspects of the transaction process. For instance, Michael works as a National Underwriter at Old Capital and has over 20 years of experience in arranging real estate financing for institutional clients. Apart from being a Senior Director at Old Capital, Paul also runs his own Real Estate Syndication Business – SPI Advisory LLC. 

Michael and Paul invite active real estate investors to their interview series. They share their experience and advice on getting started with real estate syndication and common mistakes that early syndicators make. 

For example, one of the latest episodes called “Can you keep your day job and still buy 300+ units” features Jeremy Thomason and Prashad Challa from JARS Partners. Jeremy has over 15 years of real estate investment experience and is an equity owner in 14 multifamily deals. Both Jeremy and Prashsad had full-time jobs when they started acquiring value-added apartments. So they explain how to successfully own and manage large apartments while having a corporate job. It is one of the hot topics most of the early syndicators can relate to! 

#2 BiggerPockets Podcast

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Who are BiggerPockets?

BiggerPockets is a well-known community of over 1,3M members, including some leading real estate experts. They share valuable content and tools and help their members learn tips, connect to partners, and find deals and financing. If you are an early syndicator, BiggerPockets will be your go-to resource to gain the knowledge you need to make the best investing decisions possible. 

Why we love this podcast:

This is how BiggerPockets describe their real estate investing podcast: “Imagine you’re friends with hundreds of real estate investors and entrepreneurs. Now imagine you can grab a beer with each of them and casually chat about failures, successes, motivations, and lessons learned.” 

Brandon Turner and David M. Greene co-host BiggerPockets podcast. David is a real estate investor with more than ten years of experience and an author of one of Amazon’s bestseller books on real estate investing, “Long-Distance Real Estate Investing,” with more than 54K units sold. He manages over 35 single-family rental properties and owns shares in three multifamily apartment complexes. 

Brandon Turner is a managing member at Open Door Capital LLC. He is buying rental properties and flipping houses since he was 21. 

This podcast aims at newbies, so early syndicators, as well as those just starting to explore passive investment in real estate, will find a lot of valuable information related to multifamily and single-family real estate. You can quickly look up syndication and multifamily-related episodes using their search function. 

The episode we recommend:

For instance, the episode “The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Finding GREAT Deals in ANY Market” with Anson Young gives excellent insights on how to find deals regardless of your budget and schedule. Suppose you are an early syndicator with a corporate job. In that case, you will find this episode to be an excellent addition to the “Can you keep your day job and still buy 300+ units” by the Old Capital podcast mentioned earlier in this post. Podcast guest Anson Young is a Licensed Real Estate Agent at eXp Realty, LLC with over ten years of experience. He is also an owner and a Deal-getter-guy in Chief of Anson Property Group. Anson does ten wholesale deals a year, 12-15 flips, and over a dozen sales as an agent. 

BiggerPockets and Old Capital real estate investing podcasts are probably the largest sources of information in this space. However, there are several smaller, lesser-known podcasts that you might find interesting as well. 

#3 The Average Joe Finances Podcast

Home - Average Joe Finances

Why we love this real estate investing podcast

The Average Joe Finances Podcast is a top 1% globally ranked Podcast. This show discusses how to beat debt, real estate, investing, side hustles, and more… Their mission is to help people change their mindset on how they treat money and help listeners find ways to have their money work for them. This awesome podcast brings on several guests that are subject matter experts and using different strategies to build wealth. Becoming financially independent and building cash flow is what this show is all about. Mike and his guests break these topics down to show that anyone, especially an Average Joe or Jane can become financially free.

The episode we recommend:

In the 50th episode, Mike talks with Michael Barnhart, a US Air Force Officer, and Suzy Sevier, a real estate investor based in Cambridge, England about investing in multifamily real estate overseas and achieving a “Return on Impact”. You will discover how Suzy and Michael started their real estate journey with a “be 1% better every day” mindset. You will learn about the importance of finding partnerships outside of your comfort zone and why mentorship is crucial to your success as a multifamily investor.

#4 Keeping it Real-Estate 

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Who are the hosts?

The Keeping it Real-Estate Podcast is hosted by Mike Roeder and Dan Brisse. They both work as Principals at Granite Towers Equity Group. Michael has almost a decade of real estate investment experience, and Dan has been a real estate investor for over four years. 

Why we love this real estate investing podcast:

The podcast has an abundance of information that is valuable for both new and experienced real estate investors. It is focused on offering insights into multifamily investing. The podcast features guests like Jorge Abreu, a well-known multifamily investor with over 17 years of experience, and Tim Gertz, a certified public accountant professional with broad experience working in highly diversified market groups. We especially recommend an episode where Tim speaks about the tax advantages of investing in multifamily real estate. We see a lot of questions in Facebook groups and real estate forums related to tax advantages, so many early syndicators will find this episode helpful. 

#5 Passive Income Through Multifamily Real Estate

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Who are the hosts?

This podcast is hosted by Kyle Mitchell, Lalita Mitchell, and Gary Lipsky. All three are Managing Partners at APT Capital Group and have extensive experience investing in multifamily real estate. 

The episode we recommend:

If you are a multifamily deal sponsor, you will find the episode Syndication 101 with Vinney Chopr‪a. Vinney talks about how to start your syndication business, the multifamily deal acquisition process, and how to build good relationships with the listing brokers to buy off-market properties. 

#6 The Lifetime CashFlow Through Real Estate Podcast

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Who is the host?

This podcast is hosted by the syndication mastermind Rod Khleif. He had it all. Rod lost $50M in real estate in 2008. Then he lost his mansion and even his Mercedes. This real estate investor learned the hard way how easy it is to lose everything when investing in single-family homes. As a result, Rod wanted to share his experience and help others avoid the mistakes he made, so he created his podcast. It is one of those real estate investing podcasts we want to listen to every day. We love that Rod also supports a good cause. Twenty years ago, he began his own foundation called Tiny Hands and had fed 75,000 children so far. 

The episode we recommend:

Suppose you are an early syndicator with a full-time job. In that case, we definitely recommend listening to episode 525, “1000 Doors, baby on the way, and a full-time job”. Multifamily expert Powel Chee shares how he has become a general partner in 1000+ units while having a new baby, a full-time job, and a busy life. Powel explains how to find your first partners and how to build your real estate syndication team, define success, and what sacrifices most early syndicators should prepare for when starting their business. 

#7 The Multifamily Investing Show with Michael Becker‬

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Michael Becker from Old Capital doesn’t only host the Old Capital Podcast but also started his own show in December 2020. So far, Michael has released ten episodes focusing on different aspects of a multifamily business. For deal sponsors and passive investors, we recommend the fifth episode, “Hard-Earned Lessons from Nearly 40 years in the Multifamily Business”

#8 Think Realty Podcast

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Who is the host?

The host of this podcast, Abhi Golhar is an experienced real estate investor. He has been in the real-estate business for almost twenty years and is an expert in benchmark markets. Abhi has built and managed a large investment portfolio across the Southeast US.  

The episode we recommend:

We find episode 172 “What Purpose Feels Like” very inspirational for early syndicators who might feel like it’s too much in the beginning and can get overwhelmed and demotivated (yes, we’ve been there too!). This episode helps you go back to your roots and revisit your “why” for real estate investment instead of focusing on getting your next dollar. This episode also covers important topics like data-driven decision-making and tech tools that help investors be more efficient. 

Other real estate investing podcasts to listen to:

5 Talents Podcast with Abel Pacheco. Abel is a full-time real estate investor and has 800+ units across 5 multifamily properties as an active & passive investor. 

Would you like to recommend other podcasts to our readers? Feel free to send your recommendations to info@cashflowportal.net or to post in our Facebook Group



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