9 YouTube channels for real estate syndicators to watch in 2021

YouTube channels for real estate syndicators to watch in 2021

Let’s start with the first-hand perspective. Real estate investing is not for everyone, but it can be a great way to make a living and earn passive income. To get started in real estate, you’ll need to constantly educate yourself using various resources, from blog posts to YouTube videos to live seminars. Knowledge is your weapon against the potential pitfalls real estate investing could entail. 

There are many resources where you can obtain this valuable knowledge, and we continue sharing them with you to save you time and help you find what’s best for you without searching for hours. We discussed top blogs, top Facebook groups, and top podcasts for real estate syndicators in our previous posts. However, we understand that for many people receiving visual information is much more effective and productive. Therefore, this article is dedicated to top YouTube channels for real estate syndicators to watch in 2021. Let’s get started in no particular order. 

Ken McElroy

During the last quarter-century, Ken McElroy has consistently made intelligent real estate investment decisions and succeeded in this complex world through investment analysis, acquisitions, property management, and property development. Ken’s YouTube channel discusses questions about real estate investing, including finances, budgeting, the entrepreneur mindset. 

Ken has had a lot of success, and he wants to teach others how to succeed too. That’s why he shares his personal experiences, mistakes, practical advice, success stories, and even some informative setbacks. No sugar coating. Just real stories and real people. 

One of the videos we recommend watching is “Breaking a real estate deal in 10 minutes.” In this video, Ken covers essential aspects of real estate deals, including basic economics of the deal, sale price, debt, expenses, determining your return for investors. Then, he analyzes an actual deal and gives actionable and solid advice. 


This is the next channel we would like to highlight. This channel is run by FortuneBuilders, the leading provider of real estate education in the country. In 2004, their founders, Than Merrill, Konrad Sopielnikow, Paul Esajian, and JD Esajian, their first residential real estate investment business – CT Homes. These founders’ systems and processes have enabled them to scale quickly, maximize profits and reduce risk. In addition, these systems laid the foundation of FortuneBuilders’ educational and coaching programs. 

The videos on The FortuneBuilders YouTube channel focus on relevant and successful real estate investment strategies and business models.

One of the videos we recommend is Multifamily Investing With No Money. We can’t stop talking about the importance of house hacking if you want to have more funds available to invest. Perry speaks about house hacking in many podcasts and his article Why software engineers should consider investing in real estate. This video also mentions house hacking and how you can use the money you make over time to purchase your multifamily investment in the future.

Break Into CRE

This YouTube channel is run by Justin Kivel, a real estate consultant, investor, and teacher with over 40,000 students. His students used Break Into CRE coursework and landed their first jobs in the RE industry. Some of the students advanced their existing careers or even did their first deals thanks to this program. 

Justin started in real estate back in 2012. At that time, comprehensive information on RE investing was challenging to find. Justin spent many years learning the hard way by navigating through a complex world of scattered Excel and real estate courses. He started meeting with aspiring REI professionals and college students. Justin realized a massive need for a resource that will teach technical and practical skills combined with an easy-to-digest curriculum. Therefore, Justin started with one course. Then he created more and more. Now Break Into CRE Platform has 19 courses and has helped over 40,000 students. 

The video we recommend watching is Active vs. Passive Real Estate Investing – Which One Wins?. Justin speaks about passive investing as an accessible and affordable way to enter the world of real estate. He breaks down the pros and cons of active and passive real estate investing, so you can evaluate which path is right for you depending on your state in your real estate investing journey. 

Commercial Property Advisors

CPA is an exceptional organization within the more significant commercial real estate industry. They help aspiring commercial investors succeed by mentoring and coaching them. The challenge within the commercial RE space is that brokers who serve investors are usually not eager to teach others and share their knowledge. Peter Harris, the founder of CPA, is one of the leading mentors in the CRE marketplace and is committed to helping anyone who would like to become a successful commercial investor. 

Peter Harris is a CRE investing expert. He acquired over 1000 residential apartment units in different USA regions, totaling more than $20MM in investments. Peter mentored hundreds of CRE investors since 2003 and developed educational materials for Robert Kiyosaki. 

The video we recommend watching is Passive Income for Busy Professionals. In this video, you will learn a real inspirational story of Monica, a busy professional who purchased her first apartment building in just eight months. The video gives you actionable steps to start creating passive income investing in CRE. If you would like to dive deeper into this topic, listen to our Founder, Perry Zheng, talking about juggling three jobs in this podcast

The Real Estate Jedi

The founder of the Real Estate Jedi, Jedd Bratt, is an 8-year US Navy veteran. He is an active real estate investor and a California Broker and Realtor. 

Jed purchased his first investment property at the age of 19 and since then has been actively involved in RE investing. He initially utilized his VA loan to buy his first multifamily properties. While still serving on active duty, he began his RE services career in 2010 and still assists fellow service members in purchasing their properties with VA loans. In 2014 Jed was honorably discharged and now focuses on full-time RE services. 

One of the interesting videos on this channel is 5 Reasons 2-4 Units Small Multifamily Properties are Awesome. Jedd explains the projected income and why if you are buying your first property, you probably should consider a small multifamily property instead of a condo, a townhouse, or an SF home. Small property is a way to build your resume and your management history both for banks and investors. 

100 Percent Financed 

It is a vlog launched in 2014 by the author of Quit Your Day Job, Juan Pablo. Juan quit his day job at the age of 30 and is now on a mission to help people reach financial freedom through real estate investing. He purchased and managed over 179 rental units and grossed over $25K a month in rental revenue using a variety of creative strategies, such as fix and flip, wholesaling, buy and hold and master lease option. 

Juan helped his clients secure over $20M in funding and uses his influence to ignite the passion for real estate investing in others. 

We recommend watching How To Get Started In Multifamily Investing – It’s Not as Hard As You Think video. Although it was released in 2015, the information it contains is still valid and valuable. Juan speaks about finding money for your multi-unit deals, making this a repeatable process, analyzing rentals, and discovering how many rentals you need to build a full-time income from multifamily investing. 

Real Estate Rookie

The Bigger Pockets team creates this channel. It is focused on providing comprehensive information, a detailed breakdown of real deals, and interviews with real people to help the audience build their real estate investment empire. 

Ashley Kehr and Tony J Robinson host this channel and tackle a lot of questions that multifamily syndicators ask when getting started. This channel brings many case studies and expert tips that you can apply in real life. 

One of the interesting videos is Real Estate Investing in Your 40’s. Many people think it is too late to start investing in real estate if you are over 40 years old. This video proves that it’s never too late to become a real estate investor and tells us the story of Gloria, who started flipping, rehabbing, and landlording at the age of 42. Now she is on her way to building her real estate empire! 

Tyler Cauble

Tyler Cauble is the best source for all things commercial real estate. Forbes Magazine says he’s one of America’s top real estate marketers in his company’s first year. The Business Journal recognized him for having one of Nashville’s top 25 brokerages in his company’s first year.

Tyler lives, eats, and breathes leasing and investing in commercial real estate.

One of the videos we recommend watching is How To Analyze Commercial Real Estate Deals.

In this video, Tyler shares how to:

  • Determine what could be a potential comp
  • Study the current leases (or lack thereof)
  • Decide which investment strategy to use
  • Estimate your construction and renovation costs
  • Get term sheets from your lenders

Seth Ferguson – Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Seth is known for his ability to flip struggling apartment buildings into gold. His company, Multifamily Real Estate Investments, Inc. is focused on launching innovative investment projects for high-net-worth individuals.

Seth has learned a lot about real estate since he started over a decade ago. He controls over $50 million of multifamily real estate, has transacted over $150 million, and hosts a real estate tv show and real estate investment podcast. He is also the author of the book Sell For More.

One of the videos we liked is How to Invest in Apartment Buildings: 4 Ways You Can Invest.

There are a number of ways to invest in apartment buildings. In this video, Seth will show you the 4 ways and what each structure offers. Each method of investing, or structure, has its pros and cons, and he talks about why an investor will want to invest in apartment buildings based on their real estate investing goals.


We hope you found this list helpful. Feel free to drop a line to alexandra@cashflowportal.com and add your channels to the list. 


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