Top 7 blogs for real-estate syndicators in 2022

Top 7 blogs for real-estate syndicators in 2021

I have a confession. I used to hate reading blogs because I felt like they were a waste of time. After all, why should I spend time reading someone’s blog posts when I could be writing my own? Then came the day I realized how wrong I was. Today, I can safely say that thanks to real estate syndication blogs, I can keep up with trends, find new ideas and angles, learn from others’ experiences and get actionable advice. 

Finding good blogs can be a daunting task. If you are patient enough to read all the articles on pages 4 and 5 of the search results, you will find tons of good posts there. Some bloggers are not SEO experts, but their content is engaging and relevant to the community. 

So I decided to save you time and share this list of the top 7 blogs for real-estate syndicators in 2022 in no particular order. I selected blogs that have unique content, relatable experiences, and are written by real-estate investment professionals. 

#1. Rod Khleif’s Mastery of Multifamily real estate blog

Rod Khleif’s Mastery of Multifamily blogWe mentioned Rod Khleif’s podcast in another article. His real estate blog is a great way to supplement podcast listening. I love that Rod talks about complex topics in a simple, easy-to-understand language. He publishes articles targeted at multifamily investors with and without experience. Rod’s blog aims to educate, motivate, and inspire people to invest in multifamily real estate, but not in a salesy and business-coachy way. 

Favorite article: Mind over mechanics, where Rod explains why goal setting and having the right mindset determine your chances for success as a real estate investor. 

#2. Ellie’s Real Estate Investing BlogEllies-Real-Estate-Investing-Blog

Ellie’s real estate blog discusses multifamily real estate investing and touches on all aspects from finding and underwriting deals, financing, asset management, and disposition. The blog is for high net-worth passive investors looking to invest in syndication or buy multifamily properties independently. 

In her blog, Ellie openly shares information about her experiences behind the scenes of being a multifamily sponsor. The blog is also different by discussing market trends and predictions and actionable advice for both LPs and GPs. Ellie is also a member of Forbes Councils and regularly contributes to council articles. 

Favorite article: The 5 step process to raising capital in a recession. It reminds syndicators that they should constantly be raising capital and reach out to investors continuously. “Out of sight, out of mind.”

#3. Jake and Gino Multifamily Real Estate Investing Blog

Jake and Gino Multifamily Real Estate Investing Blog

As Jake and Gino say, “Well… if a pizza guy and drug rep can do it, we know you can too!” The goal of their real estate investing blog is to empower everyone to obtain financial freedom through multifamily real estate investing. Jake and Gino share their personal stories, tips, and tricks they learned along the way, their wins, and mistakes. Their blog is great if you are stuck and seeking motivation or just starting with multifamily real estate investing. 

Favorite article: The Seven Levels of Building a Successful Multifamily Real Estate Business. I love how they explained that being decisive is the key to success “The more decisive a person becomes, the more successful they will be in the long run.” Many of us are hesitant when it comes to making decisions. We believe that the more we analyze something, the better decision we will make. However, overanalyzing leads to being stuck and taking no action at all. No action = no progress. 

#4. Joe Fairless’ Apartment Real Estate Advice Blog

Joe Fairless’s blog is like a multifamily real estate investing encyclopedia. Joe published over 1,300 posts and continues publishing news articles, interviews, how-tos, guides, and recommendations. I think it is one of the most comprehensive and content-rich blogs dedicated to multifamily real-estate investing out there. Joe’s “Ask The Expert” section features a lot of actionable advice, such as “Anatomy of the first industrial deal,” which goes into every detail of getting into industrial real estate. 

Favorite article: How Antonio Cucciniello Found Success Marketing On TikTok talks about the least explored social media channel in the world of real estate investing – TikTok and how to use it as a marketing tool. 

#5. Adam Gower’s blog “Learn How to Invest in Real Estate.”

Adam Gower’s blog “Learn How to Invest in Real Estate.”

True to its name, this blog for real estate syndicators and passive investors covers every aspect of real estate investing, from basic topics like understanding property classes in multifamily real estate to more complex questions like preferred equity vs. mezzanine debt. The goal of this blog is to educate both passive investors and sponsors. As a result, while helping sponsors raise more capital and find more passive investors, Adam also helps LPs understand how to evaluate syndication opportunities and get the most out of multifamily investing.  

Favorite article: Real Estate Sponsor Fees and the Role They Play, where Adam explains the importance of finding the balance between sponsor co-invest, performance-based rewards, and fees. 

#6. The Bigger Pockets Blog 

Bigger Pockets Blog

Of course, we couldn’t skip one of the biggest real estate investing blogs out there – The Bigger Pockets Blog. I think most of you don’t need an introduction to this blog as 99% of people who start thinking of investing in real estate turn to The Bigger Pockets website (good SEO job!). I find the “Flipping Houses” section to be the most valuable as there are 200+ articles dedicated only to flipping ideas, renovation and remodeling tips, hiring general contractors, and more. 

Favorite article: Single Family vs. Multifamily Rentals: Which Investment Is Right for You? that answers probably the most frequently asked question by early real-estate syndicators: should I go for SFR or MFR investment? I love that this article is written in a neutral tone and encourages to analyze and diversify investments. 

#7. Theresa Bradley-Banta’s Blog

Teresa is a 2017 PropTech Top 100 Influencer. Her website and real estate investing programs won 14 American and International real estate awards. 

Theresa is an experienced asset manager and an active real estate investor. Moreover, she is an owner-operator of multifamily properties, single-family rentals, and international single-family development projects from $50K to greater than $9M. To add to Theresa’s credentials, she consults clients with an aggregate portfolio value of $150+. 

Theresa’s real estate investing blog features a lot of practical advice for passive investors and sponsors and many valuable checklists, like the Multifamily Property checklist. 

Favorite article: How to Carve Out Time for Your Real Estate Investment Business. Combining a full-time job with real-estate investing has been a hot topic for many of us. For example, our CEO Perry Zheng juggles three jobs: a full-time position at Lyft, building Cash Flow Portal and manages six single families and two real estate syndications. 

Bonus: Cash Flow Portal’s Blog

Our real estate blog is aimed at early syndicators. We share the best educational resources, like top real estate podcasts and Facebook groups. We publish demos to show you how to get the most of our software. For example, how to speed up K1 filings using Cash Flow Portal.

Our goal is to save you time and become your Yellow Pages of real estate investing. A place where you can find all information in one place instead of spending hours searching Google or social media.


There is one thing that all blog readers have in common: they want to learn something new. I hope that this list helped you find blogs that will enrich your knowledge about real estate investing and provide answers to your questions. Finding a mentor can be challenging. Therefore, reading blogs written by experienced real estate investors can partially replace much-needed education around your specific niche. 

Did you come across a blog for real-estate syndicators that you found valuable? Or maybe you write articles related to real estate investing? Share it with us, and we will add your blog to the list!


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Kristina Xie

Kristina Xie is a real estate syndication enthusiast. She invests in properties in NYC, however became interested in large scale multifamily units after attending her first real estate conference in November 2021. When she is not actively interviewing people or writing articles, she enjoys the outdoors and traveling around the world!

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