Apartment Investor Pro updates website plans and pricing for multifamily investors and syndicators

Apartment investor pro

Adds website building packages for mobile home park syndication, self-storage syndication, and owner-operators

PENNSYLVANIA, USA, May 25, 2021 — Apartment Investor Pro, the company that builds effective, professional-looking websites for multifamily real estate investors and syndicators, today announced that it has updated its plans and pricing. They also added mobile home park syndication options, self-storage syndication, and owner-operators in their Starter plan.

Todd-Heitner-CEO-of-Apartment-Investor-Pro“Building a website that delivers results for a multifamily project is a distinct discipline,” said Todd Heitner, CEO of Apartment Investor Pro. “Even good web designers can flounder when assigned these types of projects. Most designers don’t have a clue what multifamily syndication is all about. In our case, we saw investors who spent way too much time and money on websites that didn’t actually do what they were supposed to do, which is to facilitate the syndication process. If the site doesn’t deliver deals, it’s not a good site. This is the problem we solve.”

In our case, we saw investors who spent way too much time and money on websites that didn’t actually do what they were supposed to do

What has changed

The pricing changes involve lowering the rates on some of the company’s packages and modest increases on some others. As Heitner explained, “Our goal in making these changes is to align value to service delivery for different tiers of site creation. Some investors need a lot more functionality and content than others. We’ve scoped the website packages accordingly.”

Apartment Investor Pro offers web design and content ready to go, with the fastest setup time on the market. Sophisticated sites for multifamily investors can be live within a day. Heitner added, “We create professional designs and content you can use to have your website working for you in record time.”

Highlights of the company’s multifamily syndication website packages include:

Professional pre-written content—Clients who work with Apartment Investor pro do not need to spend time wordsmithing web copy or wasting time with web copywriters who do not understand multifamily syndication.

Pre-made design options—Professional designs create instant credibility with prospective investors.

Lead capture forms—The sites capture potential investors, one of the main functional goals of a multifamily syndication website.

Web hosting—Apartment Investor Pro takes care of website hosting, another distracting detail that takes investors away from their main work of syndicating lucrative real estate deals.

Connections to third-party services—Websites from Apartment Investor Pro easily integrate with services like ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Cash Flow Portal, and others. These integrations enable investors to automate business processes like follow-up email campaigns for leads generated by the website.

Technical and security updates—The company takes care of the many behind-the-scenes details of running a website, such as software updates and security patches. Sites also get backed up regularly.

Apartment Investor Pro is renowned for its excellent support. This includes support for adding as many pages as the client needs, preventive maintenance, and unlimited email support. The company’s experienced team is also available to implement customization options.

Apartment Investor Pro is a partner of Cash Flow Portal and we encourage you to check them out!

To learn more, visit https://apartmentinvestorpro.com/how-it-works/
To see a demo of the service, visit https://apartmentinvestorpro.com/demo

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