Demo: how to passively invest in a multifamily real estate deal using our investor portal

Cash Flow Portal makes it easy to see all the offerings and invest in multifamily real estate deals using one single ecosystem.

This post will walk you through the passive real estate investor portal experience and show you how to use our software to invest in a multifamily deal.

Step 1: View the multifamily deal offering page

Click on the offering link to view the offering before signing up. You will be able to view all necessary details of the deal to help you decide whether you would like to invest.

Step 2: Sign up to real estate investor portal and verify your email address

Once you view deal details and decide to proceed to the next steps, click on the “Sign up” button and fill out your details using the form below. Once you complete your details, you will receive an automated email to verify your email address. Just follow the instructions to complete the process.

Step 3: Sign in and create your profile

Sign in to the investor portal with your newly created login details and create your investor profile. Just select “Create new profile” to get started.

Create passive investor profile

You can select between several real estate investor profile types:

  • Individual
  • IRA
  • LLC, corporation, or partnership
  • Joint account (recommended for married couples)

Select passive investor profile type

Step 4: Enter investment amount, e-sign PPM

Enter investment amount, click “next”:

Enter your passive investment amountYou will be prompted to read (or download & print) and e-sign a PPM on the next screen.

You can add your signature and click “insert.” You have a choice to draw, type or upload a picture of your signature.

Step 5: Review the funding information

On the next screen, you can review the funding information and download it for your own records or printing.

Next, select the date for your wire transfer and click the “Submit” button.

You are all set! Now you can click on “Go to deal” to view your investment.

If you are syndicating a deal using our portal, you can also switch from the investor portal to syndicating to go back to your GP’s dashboard to manage equity raising and view your investors’ database.

We hope you found this post helpful.


About The Author

Alexandra Kazakova

Alexandra is a Community Manager at Cash Flow Portal. She writes blog posts, demos, guides and shares tips and tricks for running a successful syndication business.

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