Webinar “Skip the roadblocks and raise equity faster”

Webinar raise equity faster for real estate syndicators

On the 20th of May, our Founder Perry Zheng, will be hosting a webinar, “Skip the roadblocks and raise equity faster.”

Through this 30 minutes webinar, you will learn the secrets to raising equity faster using Cash Flow Portal.
Our founder Perry Zheng will walk you through the process, step by step, and by the end of this presentation, you will build your own system to raise capital consistently.

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We will cover:

1. Creating a deal on the portal to start raising equity
2. How to create a professional and effective landing page for your deal to attract investors.
3. Investor-friendly interface and flawless, hassle-free experience for LPs investing in your deal.

We will also discuss how to leverage Cash Flow Portal’s passive investor experience in your discussions with investors.

Stop frustrating your investors with lengthy emails and never-ending paperwork. Join the real estate technological revolution and be among the first ones to transform the passive investors’ experience!

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Alexandra is a Community Manager at Cash Flow Portal. She writes blog posts, demos, guides and shares tips and tricks for running a successful syndication business.

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