Openpath Access Control Review: Driving Value For Multi-Family Properties

Openpath Access Control Review: Driving Value For Multi-Family Properties

Mobile-based security is one of the fastest growing sectors in the security sphere, with mobile access credentials seeing a 150% growth rate between 2017 and 2018. Openpath is a security manufacturer satisfying this demand for mobile-first security.

Why should multi-family syndicators and property investors consider using Openpath for building security? Keep reading for a full review of Openpath’s access control solutions and a comparison between Openpath and its biggest competitor.

What Is Openpath Access Control?

Openpath access control for multifamily properties

Openpath access control is a security installation designed by a US-based security manufacturer. Access control solutions protect buildings from intruders using access restrictions and access credentials. Openpath’s goal is to make security more manageable and streamlined, offering modern and sophisticated access control technology to improve building security.

The Openpath access control solution is suitable for offices, multi-family properties, home security, school security, and more. In this guide, we will explore how Openpath access control can drive value in multi-family properties and the features of the solution that make it so well suited to this kind of commercial property.

Openpath Access Control Benefits For Driving Value For Multi-Family Properties

Read on to discover the main benefits of Openpath access control that revolutionize how building managers design security strategies. These benefits help to drive value in multi-family properties by making apartment security more convenient and airtight.

Openpath Access Control Is Cloud-Based

One of the main benefits of Openpath’s access control systems is that they are cloud-based. This impacts how system administrators manage security and helps building managers construct an integrated security system for multi-family properties.

Because the solution is cloud-based, system administrators can access an application to help them manage their security installation. They can view access logs remotely or unlock and lock doors remotely using a mobile application or cloud-based control center. This is a desirable feature for multi-family real estate as it allows tenants to access the building quickly should they lose their credentials.

Instead of waiting for the building manager to travel to the building complex, the building manager can remotely unlock the door to allow the tenant entry – meaning the tenant won’t be standing on the street late at night waiting around, which could be dangerous. Because of the convenience and added level of safety this feature offers, Openpath’s system can seriously boost the value of a multi-family property.

Additionally, the cloud-based solution allows building managers to access open API integrations and build a fully-integrated building security system. Instead of having data silos and hosting security data on disparate platforms, building managers can access all security information in one place.

Openpath Access Control Is Keyless

Openpath access control provides multi-family property tenants with mobile credentials instead of keycards and fobs. You can lose keycards or fobs more quickly than a mobile device, saving building managers expenses on keycard replacement costs and preventing building occupants from losing their access credentials. Instead of waiting for their landlord to give them keys to their new apartment building, new tenants can simply download their access credentials to enter the building.

Openpath Access Control Is Hygienic

Since the pandemic, building managers for multi-family properties have a responsibility to ensure strict hygiene in multi-family properties. Openpath access control systems increase the hygiene of daily operations by allowing tenants to enter touchless. Since the access control solution uses mobile credentials instead of keycards and fobs, tenants can enter using Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular communication.

The tenant can wave their hand over the reader (no need to touch a pin pad or button), which will trigger remote communication with their mobile device to grant them entry to the building. Reducing the number of touchpoints to enter the building significantly reduces the potential for spreading germs, making the property more attractive to tenants and driving value.

Openpath Access Control Facilitates Identity Verification

Openpath offers an access control solution integrated with video surveillance. The intercom reader allows video information and access control data to be visible on a single interface for identity verification. This lowers the risk of intruders using stolen access credentials to enter the property. You can drive up the value of your multifamily property.

Openpath Vs. Swiftlane – Which Is Best?

Openpath and Swiftlane offer similar security installations and provide cloud-based access control with mobile-first security options. Since both solutions offer similar opportunities and services, you will likely stand to gain a similar value increase for your property for each solution.

Swiftlane offers a pin code entry option, which poses a security risk and increases the number of touchpoints users must contact when entering the building. Additionally, Openpath offers more scalability, as they offer the option for property managers to invest in more than one reader and controller option. Since Openpath’s security offerings do not pose security risks, you will likely reach ROI quickly with their access control solutions.



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