Equity raising webinar recording

Equity raising webinar for real estate syndicators

On the 20th of May 2021, our Founder Perry Zheng hosted his first Webinar  “Skip the roadblocks and raise equity faster”.

Here is what some webinar attendees said about their experience:

“Perry! Great join on the webinar. Great info! Thank you for inviting me”

“I think what you presented at the beginning of the step-by-step guide, is really helpful. The demo was great as well! overall very good content. Maybe consider adding a slide on current functionalities, future functionalities with an ETA, and a slide about our company and vision. I feel most of the questions I asked should be mandatory slides that your focus is to get people to know about your company and product”

“Those are just my thoughts – take it as a grain of salt. It is a great accomplishment Perry. Very proud of have known you so far and looking forward to try it out and stay connected”

“can you please send me the spreadsheet and the webinar deck you shared”

“Hi Perry, I like what you are doing. Great! I will like to stay in touch for any future collaborations. Would you please share the spreadsheet link you showed during today’s session?”

“I’m looking forward to using the tool and becoming efficient and successful…and helping grow the Robinhood of syndication software!”

“My wife and I just finished watching and there’s lots of good information on the webinar Perry, Good Job!”

Register for our next equity raising meetup on the 25th of June here.




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Alexandra is a Community Manager at Cash Flow Portal. She writes blog posts, demos, guides and shares tips and tricks for running a successful syndication business.

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