Cash Flow Portal is a Gold Sponsor at the Old Capital Conference 2021

Cash Flow Portal is a Gold Sponsor at the Old Capital Conference 2021

Old Capital Conference will occur in Arlington, TX, from the 22nd till the 23rd of September. Our real estate syndication software, Cash Flow Portal, is a gold sponsor of this conference. We believe that this can even help GPs and LPs explore more networking opportunities, find new deals, co-sponsors, investments, and share knowledge and good vibes. 

We aspire to be the new social network for real estate syndicators and passive investors, so we cannot overestimate the importance of relationships in our industry. Most relationships start at events like the Old Capital Conference. 

What’s more, you will gain insider information into Texas real estate markets from experienced brokers and lenders that you won’t easily meet in day-to-day life. You will be able to get first-hand knowledge that will help you navigate this booming market whether you are a deal sponsor or an LP. 

At the Old Capital Conference, you will meet top economists and learn about vital macro data that directly impact multifamily real estate investors and investing strategies. 

Listen to the GPs and LPs who have survived it all: market downturns and crises. And get a unique perspective on the market and life and learn actionable strategies to thrive during challenging times. 




About The Author

Kristina Xie

Kristina Xie is a real estate syndication enthusiast. She invests in properties in NYC, however became interested in large scale multifamily units after attending her first real estate conference in November 2021. When she is not actively interviewing people or writing articles, she enjoys the outdoors and traveling around the world!

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